md AlineGWEBSr. Aline Giroux, fmm

 Aline is next to the youngest of the five children born to Oscar and Adelina Giroux. She grew up on a farm in Randolph, Vermont and attended mostly public schools.


She led an active social life, which included the possibility of marriage. However, deep within there was a sense that she was called to follow another path. She began nursing studies in 1950 in Vermont.

One day, she read a one-inch ad in the back of the Sacred Heart Messenger, which was for the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary. Aline felt drawn to respond to this ad and after accepting this invitation, she entered the Institute on March 15,1952.


As a young religious, she completed her nursing studies at St. Elizabeth's Hospital School of Nursing and at St. Louis University. Most of Aline's ministries have been in the health care field with extensive experience both in the USA and in Africa. She was the assistant supervisor of the operating room at St. Francis Hospital, Long Island during the pioneering time of open-heart surgery. Later she was an administrative assistant responsible for four hospital departments. She completed studies for her MBA and then became assistant administrator in St. Francis Hospital. In 1970, Sister was sent to Dakar, Senegal where she supervised the neonatal ICU, then to Jirapa Hospital in Ghana as the hospital administrator. She returned to the USA for a renewal program, and then studied to become a nurse practitioner.   Aline is an excellent diagnostician, considering herself a "generalist", one who is sent to restore order, do analysis and recommend to leadership logical steps to be taken. Her gift of analysis, tolerance and enjoyment of complex matters combined with tireless energy and enthusiasm have allowed her to deal with many difficult tasks assigned to her.


She was sent as the administrator of the Alverne residence for the Elderly from 1982   to 1987. When this ministry closed, she was sent as administrative assistant to the USA Provincial from 1987 to 1991. During this time, the Provincialate was transferred from 45th St., Manhattan to East 15th St, N.Y. and then to its present location in the Bronx. Aline supervised and expedited these difficult moves.


The next challenge was assisting the administrator of the FMM Nursing Center during its phase of licensure as a skilled nursing facility, by serving as the supervisor of medical records and quality assurance.


In 1994, Sister did studies in Theology at Weston Jesuit School of Theology, earning a MTS degree. Then she did the bookkeeping and secretarial work at Holy Name Parish in Providence, which she thoroughly enjoyed. Presently, Aline is serving as the Director of the Fruit Hill Day Services for Elderly, which once again calls upon her leadership and business skills .


She serves on the Board of Directors for Franciscan Children's Hospital and Rehabilitation Center, in Brighton and the Board of the Fruit Hill Day Services for the Elderly.