Sisters' Profiles

Sr. Annette Belhumeur, fmm

Sr. Annette, fmmSr. Annette Belhumeur entered the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary on December 10, 1940 in Quebec, Canada. After pronouncing her first vows on June 13, 1943, she was sent in mission to Maison Ste. Jeanne d’Arc, in Winnipeg, Canada.  She pronounced her final vows on June 13, 1946, and served as the local treasurer and as a receptionist until 1955.

Sr. Annette’s  next mission sending was to St. Anne’s community in Quebec.  She served as an assistant to the provincial treasurer.  From 1966 to 1993, she served as the local treasurer in Maison Coeur Immaculée in Ottawa. From 1993 to 1995, her ministry was pastoral care with families.

Sr. Annette’s  present ministry is community service in Maison Coeur Immaculée, Ottawa.

Sr. Simone Laurette Decelles, fmm 

Sr. Simone D., fmmSr. Simone Laurette Decelles entered the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary on March 16, 1941 in Holy Family Novitiate, North Providence. She made her first vows on September 17, 1943 and final vows on September 17, 1946 in Holy Family Chapel, N. Providence.

Sr. Simone’s ministry throughout her religious life has been as a teacher.  She began her teaching ministry in Mt. St. Francis School in Woonsocket, RI.  Most of her years as a teacher were spent in Espiritu Santo School in Fall River, MA.   She also taught religious education in several parishes in Fall River and did home visitation.  She has served in local leadership.  Her present ministry is that of intercessory prayer for the needs of the Church and the world.

Sr. Gilberte Marie Belhumeur, fmm

Sr. Gilberte, fmmSr. Gilberte Marie Belhumeur, fmm entered the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary June 11, 1941 in Quebec, Canada.  She made her first vows September 15, 1943 and her final vows December 15, 1946 in Quebec.

Her ministry during her early years was in Communication first in Quebec for 10 years and then in Vanves, France for 20 years.  She used her skills in the operation of the large printing press.   Thus, she was instrumental in communicating the Good News of God’s love.  Gilberte was sent in mission to the USA in 1971 to care for her aged, blind mother.  After her mother’s death she was sent to Holy Family Community in N. Providence, RI where she assisted in the care of Sisters in the Nursing Center.  Her present ministry is the Fruit Hill Day Service for Elderly. With a warm smile, she greets the participants each morning and accompanies them throughout the day.


Sr. Rosemary Rita Freda, fmm 


tn Rosemary FredSister Rosemary Rita Freda entered the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary on September 15, 1962 and pronounced her Final Vows on March 19, 1970 in N. Providence, R.I. Since she was an RN with a Baccalaureate degree prior to her entry, Sister was sent in mission in 1964 to Kennedy Memorial Hospital, now called Franciscan Hospital for Children in Brighton, Ma. She then worked full time as a Visiting Nurse with the Boston VNA while studying and obtaining a Master’s degree in Public Health Nursing.  In 1972, she was sent in mission to Australia where she studied Midwifery and then served as a Nurse Midwife in Papua New Guinea.   Missioned back to the United States in 1976, Sister served as a nurse in the F.M.M. Nursing Facility and as the local coordinator of her community. After completing graduate studies in Theology, she served as a hospital chaplain at hospitals in Fall River and Chicago. She served as a pastoral associate in a parish in San Francisco. Presently, Sister is ministering in Community service and in prayer for the Church and for the world.



Sr. Mary Elizabeth Cook, fmm


tn cookiwebSister Mary Elizabeth Cook entered the Institute of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary on March 15, 1952 at North Providence.   After pronouncing her Final Vows on September 17, 1957, Sr. Mary served in various community works while studying part time at Rhode Island College. In 1959 she was sent in mission to Goa, stopping off several months in Rome and also in Karachi, Pakistan before reaching her final destination.   In Caranzalem, Goa, she served as a teacher's assistant in the Montessori program of O. L. of Rosary School. She also visited the people in the villages and was sacristan of the village Chapel. Later, she was sent to Bombay, India to St. Anthony's Home where she helped with the babies in the crèche. Most of Sr, Mary’s ministries have been caring for children and hospitality.   She studied as a nursing assistant and served in the FMM Nursing Center .   Her present ministry is assisting in hospitality and other community service.


Sr. Claudette Simard , fmm

tn claudettewebselectSister Claudette Simard followed her childhood yearning for religious life and was directed to the Institute of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary by a friend of Sister Liephard, fmm. She entered the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary in North Providence on September 1951. She pronounced her First Vows in 1954 and her Final Vows March 19, 1957. Most of her ministries have been in nursing with other ministries in St. Francis Hospital, Roslyn, NY, Kennedy Memorial Hospital In Brighton, MA, Fruit Hill Day Program for Elderly and the Franciscan Missionary of Mary Nursing Facility and Director of the Freewheelers of RI. Presently she serves as assistant in the Province Development Office in North Providence.


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